BCS values athletics as an important part of a child's physical, emotional, and social development. All of our coaches view themselves as teachers and mentors, modeling and encouraging Christ-like behavior both on and off the field.  We encourage kids to play hard and play fair, show respect to coaches, each other, and opponents, work as a team, and have fun.

    "Sports teach us that we were made to praise," 
    Chris Broussard, ESPN analyst and Jesus-follower

    Middle School athletics        

    (open to 4th-8th grade students)


    Girls Volleyball
    Boys Flag Football


    Girls Basketball
    Boys Basketball


    Girls Flag Football
    Boys Volleyball
    Girls and Boys Soccer


    Homeschool Athletics       

    All BCS Athletic programs are open to homeschool students.  Please contact our Athletic Director for further information.

    At BCS, our middle school PE and after-school athletics programs are designed to help kids feel confident about their physical fitness, discover talents, and increase their athletic abilities.  In PE, we provide opportunities for all kinds of athletic abilities to achieve success. Because physical fitness is a life-long pursuit, we want kids to leave BCS with basic knowledge of a variety of fun physical activities they can participate in throughout their lives.

    The basic goals of our Athletics Program are

    1.  Increased skills
    2.  Fun, supportive team environment
    3.  Developing good sportsmanship
    4.  Teaching balance between school, sports, and other

    5.  Preparation for success in high school athletics

    We are part of the Foothill Sports League and play other private schools in the area in girls and boys flag football, basketball, and volleyball.  Our teams usually practice twice/week and have an additional day per week for games.  All practices and games are immediately after school, during the week.

    The Athletic Director stays in close contact with teachers to ensure that Athletics enhances, rather than detracts, from academic performance. Participation and playtime in the athletic program is dependent upon a student's academic record and citizenship. 


    While the Lions love to win, the greater goal is helping each player develop as an athlete and a team player and to enjoy the season.